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  • Lunar Eclipse + Super Moon 2015

  • I always enjoy planning for and taking pictures of moon related events. This time it was not exception. I looked hard and wide for a church steeple in my area that I could photograph without trees on the way between it and the horizon, and I found it! Here's my take on this year's lunar eclipse and [...]
  • Full Lunar Eclipse {Grand Terrace Photography}

  • This past April 15th we were treated to a wonderful full lunar eclipse, the first in a series of four in the next two years. The weather perfect! It was pleasantly nice and there were no clouds on the sky! Because Easter was round the corner, I wanted to capture a picture that will relate to this im[...]
  • Istanbul - Out on Assignment

  • I was sent on assignment to Istanbul Turkey. I had never been to Istanbul before, but one thing is for certain--I will be back! I fell in love with the city almost instantly. The culture, the people, the smells, and buildings are so rich in stories and history that makes you want to come back over a[...]