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  • A birth story

  • "There's no doubt about it — giving birth is definitely a labor, but there's no mom out there who doesn't recognize it as a true labor of love. So let's celebrate the beauty and triumph that is most moms' greatest achievement."
  • Lunar Eclipse + Super Moon 2015

  • I always enjoy planning for and taking pictures of moon related events. This time it was not exception. I looked hard and wide for a church steeple in my area that I could photograph without trees on the way between it and the horizon, and I found it! Here's my take on this year's lunar eclipse and [...]
  • NatGeo Cover Worthy!

  • I had the opportunity to photograph a destination wedding in Northern California at the famous Heritage Inn Resort in Mendocino. Wow—what a wonderful location and extraordinary couple. Here's one of their many pictures, that could pass for a cover of NatGeo!